Hinojosa Praises Business Opportunities in Ceuta and Melilla with Examples of Sportium and Codere

Jorge Hinojosa, the general director of Jdigital, praised the excellent work of the local administrations in the Foco Sur podcast by the Ceuta and Melilla Observatory, stating that "they understood perfectly from the beginning what their commitment was, and that is their success."
During his participation in the podcast, Hinojosa explained how the online gaming sector has consolidated itself in Ceuta and Melilla, taking advantage of the various economic and business opportunities offered by both cities. According to him, it is impossible to understand the gaming industry in Europe without mentioning Ceuta and Melilla. The unique regime of these two cities, not only in terms of tax benefits but also in their appeal to tech and gaming companies, "goes much further," as the general director pointed out.

The attraction is undoubtedly mutual, with the gaming sector being the third-largest e-commerce activity and the second in terms of economic transactions, representing a significant economy for Spain.

Furthermore, the arrival of the sector in both cities has boosted quality employment for the residents of Ceuta and Melilla, with numerous initiatives focused on training in the tech sector. These courses are increasingly being promoted to ensure that local citizens have access to quality employment within their borders.

In Hinojosa's words, “In these two cities, the two companies that contribute the most economically are Codere in Melilla and Sportium in Ceuta, and the entire industry generates a significant number of jobs, probably unmatched by any other sector.”

Jorge Hinojosa also highlighted the excellent work of the administrations, which "understood perfectly from the beginning what their commitment was," and have been able to understand and support the gaming industry so that the main operators can establish themselves in the cities. They have collaborated at all times to ensure that the symbiosis between institutions and the private sector is as dynamic and natural as possible. “The institutional, social, and economic environment in these two cities is provided with extraordinary guarantees.”
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